Being Healthy

Cute boy buying vegetables

A son walks into a supermarket with the mother and then picks all sort of junks he can see on the shelves. The parent is no different from the son as she going by what she picks from the shelves. The modern world has its way of preparing meals and determining the way they wine and dine. They will always go for easy to prepare meals as it saves much time. As we all know time is money and everyone wants to save as much as he can in his lifetime.

So what is being healthy and is it difficult? Being healthy is being in a good state of mind, physical body and social welfare and not just being free from disease. The good physical state can be used to mean free from disease in this context. To be healthy in the context of being free from diseases requires a lot of care. Some diseases may arise due to our day to day lifestyle. Today most people are dieing from lifestyle diseases which arise due to the food uptake and exposure to certain kinds of causative agents. It has been reported that in the recent times; cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases have been the leading course of death in most developed countries save for the cases of malnutrition and infectious diseases in the developing world.

To be healthy means to be free from disease at a biological point of view. Therefore most of the lifestyle diseases can be prevented by checking our nutritional uptake on the daily basis. It is easy to live a healthy lifestyle by always controlling the amounts of proteins carbohydrates and fats we consume. We also need to ensure that we give the body the serine environment to digest and absorb whatever we have consumed. Fruits which are major supplies of vital amines needs needs to be included in our meals, however they should be taken an hour prior to meals or after meals. This is because nutritional biochemists have proved that fruits have some calcium ions which might block the absorption of major food components in the stomach when consumed concurrently. However fruits are sources of antioxidants which are meant to break down reactive oxidative substances (ROS) in the body. ROS have been the major causes of mutations in the body that leads to cancer. Therefore a fruit a day may increase the chances of cancer by up to three fold.

People also need to check on their fat consumption as most fats accumulate on theHea walls of blood vessels which in turn leads to cases of high blood pressure. Extra fats are also packed on the adipose tissues that in turn lead to obesity and cases of heart attack which may later arise due to obesity. One also needs to do a lot of exercises that will break down extra calories. For the cases of malnutrition and infectious diseases in developing countries, it is quite a challenge to control as they mainly arise due to poverty. However, if poverty can be controlled and people educated on the importance of balanced diets then to that point we can say that living a healthy life is easy.

In summary, it is worth saying that living a healthy life is much easier only if people are educated on what it is and at the same time they should be willing and able to live the healthy lifesyle