Testosterone is an important hormone in men. It is the hormone responsible for manhood and making men look like men. In the recent past, low testosterone level was associated with advanced age, but this is no longer the case. Today, testosterone articles indicate that men as young as 30 years are experiencing declined levels of testosterone. The best way to take the levels back to normal is taking something to boost the levels. There are now male enhancement supplements that help in boosting the testosterone level. Many people are dealing with low testosterone, but they do not even know it. However, there some warning signs that all men will experience.

Low testosterone levels

Increase in body fat

An increase in body fat is always associated with lowered testosterone level. Naturally, men are supposed to be masculine because of the testosterone. If you notice that you are gaining fat around the tummy and the waistline, there are chances that you are suffering from low testosterone. Lowered levels will cause faster gain in weight. You will realize that you are unable to gain muscles no matter how hard you try.

Hair loss and baldness

Many men who suffer from premature baldness are likely suffering from low levels of testosterone. The hormone plays a huge role in hair growth, and if the levels are low, you will suffer from premature baldness. The baldness is likely to be followed by loss of facial hair as well.

Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction

Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand. The reason for this is the fact that they are caused by the same hormone. Testosterone is a hormone that stimulates the brain receptors, and this is what causes an erection. If you are suffering from a low sex drive or erectile dysfunction, then you need to take male enhancement supplements to improve your sex life.

Fatigue and low energy

Testosterone is responsible for the growth of muscle, and it is what brings out the strength in men. If the levels are low, then fatigue and low energy levels are the possible outcomes. Men with low levels of the hormone tend to get tired easily and suffer from low energy levels despite getting enough rest.


Mood changes

The hormone plays a big role in hormone stabilization. When the level of testosterone is low, then you might start experiencing irritability, mood swings and even in worst case scenario depression.