Wax, shatter, rosin and crumble are all different Vaping Concentrates. They have slowly become more and more popular among people who vape. There is no secret why.

  • They are discreet with almost no smell, so people don’t get annoyed at you
  • They are a healthier option and contain fewer chemicals that cause cancer
  • Very easy to use

There are always some problems people run into with new technology and even though it gets resolved in time, for now, there are a couple of things to remember.

  • Wax pens are not the most discreet of options
  •  Filled cartridges are not the highest of quality and not value for money
  • Vape pens have been proven to have a leak issue so that quality can be improved

Vaping concentrates have pros and cons as all products in the market, but there is also a way to avoid problems.

Concentrate to Vapour

22nckjshfjhHow do you get the concentrate? If you want to have your own and top the vape off, you will want to invest in a good quality product.

A vape pen has a little battery and coils that generate heat. A wax pen simply cannot be as effective as a regular vape pen that allows you to get smoother hits from the liquid.

People in general vape not only because they dislike the taste of regular cigarettes, but also because they want to be discreet. A wax pen carries odor, so the discreet vaping goes out of the window

Therefore, the whole process in wax pens needs to be improved upon, so people don’t have to appear annoying and insensitive in the company of those who dislike any smoking-related smell and taste. It might require more energy from the coils as well as a different technology altogether.

Cartridges and quality

People tend to use pre-filled cartridges because it’s quite convenient. However, people don't always know what is in them and what kind of cocktail they contain. It is the same with the concentrate.

You can't know what is in them. What kind of process was used? What kind of quality can you expect? The only thing you know is that there is a colorful liquid.

Although there are less cancer-creating chemicals in the liquid, it's pointless if you don't know what else is in there.

Different cartridges have different life and taste

Vaping pens and cartridges

If you have taken up vaping, you know how close your relationship becomes with your pen. You might even make your coils to suit your style. It is an almost an intimate activity.

Different pens also have different cartridges people carry so they can be changed. However, be aware of the kind of quality you're looking for in them.

Simplicity and convenience

33 fdbnbkWhen you can combine the discreet vaping with fewer health risks and convenience, it can be a huge game changer.

You can have a liquid to vape, so there is no need for a different pen. Also, you can make your juice.

Liquid for making the juice is approved by the FDA, so you know that it's legal. Having a liquidizer that will create vape from the concentrate is also convenient, and then you can load your pen and taste the difference from different concentrates.

Whether you have been vaping for a long time or you’re just starting – go for convenience and quality, so you don’t have to be disappointed.